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Children's Church and Nursery

On Sunday mornings during the message, children age 3 through grade 6 are released for their own special time of learning through activities, prayer and unique messages that help them relate to God on a personal basis. Lessons cover who God is, Jesus' life and purpose, how the Holy Spirit helps us, gifts of the Spirit, godly behavior, and church sacraments (e.g. communion and baptism).  We even have a mascot! Good News Bear helps us learn how to take turns and will be part of "fun days" the children are working toward every Sunday by:
*Bringing  their Bible
*Bringing a Friend
*Knowing their Bible verse
And we always have room for more children to experience the love and goodness of God!

*GVF also offers a self-staffed nursery for parents with babies and toddlers during the morning worship service. Parents can watch the service on closed circuit TV while their children play* 

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