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Prayer Chain: Coordinated by Tracy Drake, our prayer chain diligently lifts up all prayer requests that come through phone, word of mouth, or email. Contact our trusted Prayer Team with your prayer requests.

Adult Homes:
We hold worship services for the residents at Springbrook Apartments in Pulaski, NY.
GVF Kenya; Kitale Kenya, Africa: GVF began to minister in Kenya by sending Senior Pastor Scott Hardy as an instructor to pastors and church leaders. From that one mission trip, doors have been opened to meet and support several ministers in Africa in their endeavors to fulfill the Great Commission. From sponsoring a Bible school student, putting a roof on an orphanage, to supporting an annual mission from Kenya to Tanzania, Greater Victory Fellowship has seen much fruit from seeds planted in rural Kenya. Greater Victory Fellowship Kenya held its first services December 10, 2006 in Kitale Kenya under Pastor Emmanuel and Associate Pastor Daniel. Pastor Charles Otipo has also been instrumental in this new mission work.
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